Using Social Media for Customer Engagement

Your customers and prospects are online and connected to their networks like never before, searching for answers and polling their peers and trusted colleagues.   While your website continues to be important, they are scanning third party resources for advice and solutions.  RMG consultants can help you investigate, test and implement a meaningful social media strategy.  

Position your company as a thought leader in your space - take steps to ensure you are consistently on the "short list" of recommended solutions.  Develop and distribute content that is on target and serves to engage, rather than turn off prospects by missing the mark of their requirements.  

RMG offers multiple services in this category:

  • Conduct an analysis of your current social efforts, relative to your competition, and provide recommendations for improvement

  • Poll prospects and research optimal outlets for your messaging

  • Advise you on the latest best practices

  • Develop content or assets for distribution and use on social media channels

Today's buyer is more discerning, with a unmatched variety of choices available.  Make sure you are top on the list and listening /participating in the market conversation.