Market Making PR & AR

Focused on Results

Roberts Marketing Group has partnered with a leading boutique public relations firm to provide clients with cutting-edge PR and AR services.  Together, we are focused on delivering services and value beyond your expectations.

Together with our partner, agency PR services are focused on results and ROI.  Examples of satisfied customers today include:

  • Side Chef app, which had 483 media placements in 6 months, growing registered users by 280%.  The earned media coverage also helped to close another $1.2M in funding, and attracted new business partners including The Campbell Soup Company.
  • Another app benefited from 50+ media placements in the first 3 months, yielding 40,000 new downloads
  • ForTooshlights software, over 250 earned stories were placed in the first 4 months, the campaign yielding 140 new business inquiries and four new contracts worth between $400-500K.

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