Content Development and Sales Tools

Digital Content and Sales Tools

Roberts Marketing Group has extensive experience in solution selling and enterprise B2B sales.  The team can assess needs and holes in your sales support, and then produce on-point digital content and sales tools to position your sales team for success.  Our portfolio includes tools and templates ranging from sales battlecards to competitive analysis to executive presentations - whatever is needed to move the sale forward.

These tactical activities can support either a new product launch or for a product or service that may not be fully understood or embraced by your field sales team. 

Digital and Website Audits

IDC recently reported that 84% of C-Level executives and VP buyers in the B2B space use social media in B2B purchasing.  This finding underlines the need for your messaging and digital presence to resonate with your target audiences.  RMG can audit your digital presence, including your website and social media and provide feedback  for improvement.